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Marienfeld Superior microscope slides stand out by their exceptional wettability and cleanliness. They comply with all requirements of DIN ISO 8037/1 and are, in addition, suitable for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications (CE-mark). All slides are manufactured to exact size and are thus well suitable for application in automatic machinery.


Microscope slides are made of soda lime glass of 3. hydrolytic class.


Our slides are cleaned thoroughly on our machinery without using any surfactants. Thus we accomplish ready for use, pre-cleaned, well wettable slides’ surfaces. The surfaces of Marienfeld Superior slides are suitable for adhering cells and smears of cell suspensions.

Slides’ edges:

All grinding and polishing processes are always carried out water-cooled. The supreme quality of our edges is unmatched. For different applications we offer different types of edges:
  • cut edges are suitable for routine applications, when risks of infections do not exist and the economical aspect is of major importance
  • finely ground edges with 90º shape. We manufacture with water-cooled grinding processes, which result in remarkably smooth and burr-free edges. When handling infectious materials we strongly recommend using this type of slides for increased safety.
  • finely ground edges with 90º shape and clipped corners. Recommended especially for applications on automatic machinery. These slides further improve the safety and reduce the risks of cuts.

Marking areas:

The silky frosted marking areas of our microscope slides are suitable for a fine and contrasty labelling.They have a width of approx. 20 mm by standard; however, other widths can be produced on request. We recommend our twin-frosted slides (at one end, on both sides) as they are more convenient. They offer more space for markings and can be used from either side without the necessity of searching the surface that bears the frosted area.
Alternatively to the silky frosted marking area we offer our UniMark® printed marking area in white colour and in light pastel shades.
For marking we recommend our laboratory marker Cat. No. 61 306 03.

Quality control:

All our microscope slides are subject to strict quality controls during the production processes and on the finished product, too.

Transport and storage:

These conditions influence the quality of the slides considerably.

  • microscope slides should be stored in a dry place and at constant room temperature
  • when cooling down condensation may occur and penetrate between the slides causing them to stick together. We recommend letting the slides reach room temperature before opening the cartons and using them.
  • do not store slides close to solvents as this might turn their surfaces hydrophobic
  • soda lime glass is subject to an aging process which affects the quality of the slides. It is recommended to avoid storing the slides for too long and to use the oldest stocks at first. Your early disposition of slides helps us to optimize our production planning and to supply freshly produced slides in time.

Shelf life:

Due to the above mentioned reasons the shelf life of slides is limited. It is recommended to use the slides before the specified best before date.


Our packing material does not contain any recycled paper. Therefore, our boxes are resistant to abrasion and do not affect the quality of the microscope slides. An enlarged finger hole and a fold-back rear facilitate the removal of the individual slides. We supply microscope slides in small sales units of 2500 pieces (50 boxes of 50 pieces). This modified carton is reclosable, easy to handle and stack. Dimensions of the carton are 283 x 146 x 160 mm and limit the weight to approx. 12 kg. A pallet can accommodate up to 200’000 slides (80 cartons each 2500 pieces). Its dimensions are 120 x 80 x 93 cm and the gross weight is approx. 1000 kg.

Besides our standard packing we offer the following special packing types:

tropical packing: Slides individually paper interleaved. In addition, 50 boxes of 50 slides are packed in a sealed and watertight aluminium bag.
50 boxes of 50 slides packed in a sealed and watertight aluminium bag