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The new Melting point determination units


are made for documentation of results in accordance to the requirements of the QMS management

The new MPM-H3 and MPM-HV3 Melting point determination units comply with all requirements on documentation in the course of the QMS management.

Audit trails, which can be printed using the supplied software, comprise both the version of the instrument as well as the serial number and thus ensure the retraceability of the audit trail to the instrument. The protocols also show the next calibration due date of the melting point unit. Mandatory fields in the software make sure that the protocols always contain information regarding the place, the name and details of the substance as well as the person responsible for the measurement.

Similar to the previous models we offer a semi-automatic instrument as well as an instrument for semi- and fully automatic measurement.

More about the instruments:
Melting point determination units MPM-H3 and MPM-HV3

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