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Melting point meters MPM


for visual and fully automatic measuring of the melting point

Melting point meters MPM

The melting point meters MPM-H2 and MPM-HV2 are ideal for a fast identification of pulverized substances with a melting point up to 360 °C in glass capillaries.

The melting point meter MPM-HV2 does not only determine and record the absolute melting point but also the process from the beginning of the melting up to the absolute transparency. At the same time a second specimen can be observed through the magnifying glass.

The space-saving thermal printer is maintenance-free and does not require ink or toner.

To avoid faulty measurements as a result of insufficient filled capillaries (when checking for example coarse grained substances), the fully automatic melting point meter MPM-HV2 at first measures the light transmission which should be less than 2 %.

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Melting point meters MPM-H2 and MPM-HV2

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