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Melting point meters MPM

for the determination of the melting point of pulverized substances in glass capillary tubes for identification of the substance.

After setting the start temperature (approx. 3 °C less than the expected melting point) the capillary is to be inserted and observed while the instrument is heating up with a heating rate of 1 °C per minute. Report printing can be produced by MPM-software supplied for both models.

Modell MPM-H3
for visual measuring method by observing the specimen in the capillary through a magnifying glass. After reaching the melting point temperature is shown on the digital display.
The instrument allows up to 3 successive readings. 

Modell MPM-HV3
for optional measurings visual (as m,odel MPM-H3) or fully automatic with graphic presentation of the substance's change during the measuring process.

  • tracing the report to the device is guaranteed by indicating the device's version with serial number on the report
  • supervision of the calibration due date by indication on the report
  • matching of the examined substance and the verifying person by mandatory fields in the software
  • antiglare lighting of the substance during visual measuring
  • digital control of temperature
  • foil keyboard for easy cleaning
  • short manual (German/English) on the instrument
  • base adjustable in height
  • with CE mark
  • for use with capillary tubes with one-end closed (Marienfeld Art. no. 29 402 11) of 80 mm length, 1.4 mm outside and 1.0 mm inside diameter
  • supplied with power cable, covering hood, USB cable, software, instruction manual, 100 capillary tubes

Technical data:

  • electric mains: 88-264 V, AC 0,8A
  • heating: 12 V, DC 25 VA
  • heating rate after staring the measurement:
    35 °C to 100 °C approx. 2 minutes
    35 °C to 300 °C approx. 7 minutes
  • cooling-down:
    from 100 °C to 35 °C approx. 3 minutes
    from 300 °C to 35 °C approx. 9 minutes
  • safety class IP 20
  • measuring range: up to 360 °C
  • accuracy: ± 0,4 °C
  • reproducibility: ± 0,3 °C
  • magnifying glass: 20 dioptres / threefold
  • dimensions display (W x H): approx. 85x55 mm
  • dimensions housing (W x H x D): approx. 320x260x65 mm
  • weight of device: approx. 4 kg
    weight of base: approx. 2,8 kg
Cat. No. Model Unit
72 322 33 MPM-H3 for visual determination (max. 3 capillaries) 1
72 322 34 MPM-HV3 for visual and fully automatic determination (max. 1 capillary) 1

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